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Dr. Igor Cetojevic, M.D.

Igor Cetojevic, (pronounced ‘Che-to-ye-vich’) Medical Doctor and acupuncturist qualified at the Medical University of Sarajevo in 1988. He then studied Chinese Traditional Medicine at The European Center for Peace and Development in Belgrade, Yugoslavia with advanced seminars and hospital experience in Beijing, China. He also holds a diploma from The Indian Institute of Magnetotherapy, New Delhi. He has done intensive research on how geopathic and other radiation affects people’s health and well being and what can be done to minimize its negative influence.

While on a lecture tour in South Africa in 2001, Dr. Igor was introduced to the QXCI. Sensing that this was a revolutionary tool he traveled to Budapest to meet its inventor, Dr. William Nelson. Applying his vast medical knowledge in conjunction with the QXCI and now the more advanced SCIO, has produced remarkable results for his patients. He is now one of the leading SCIO practitioners and trainers, offering presentations at the World QX Conference in Budapest and advanced seminars.

After attending many international conferences as well as chalking up countless hours of practice, Dr. Igor is now an Advanced International Instructor for Quantum Technologies and Managing Director of Quantum Medicum.

During 2010 - 2011, Dr. Igor worked with the Serbian tennis star, Novak Djokovic, helping him to reach the number one ranking in the tennis world.

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